2 Down 10 to Go, 1/2 Marathons That Is

For the Love of the Kids Virtual Run and Walk

As part of my 2012 goals to run a 1/2 marathon every month I decided to do a virtual run put on by For the Love of the Kids on Valentines Day.  The reason for the selection of this race was that there no actual hosted races in Indiana and the only one in surrounding states did not work with my family schedule.  
Normally, running a 1/2 marathon on the road would have not been any big deal other than the fact that it decided to snow last night in Indiana.  The roads this morning were snow covered and had minimal plowing done to them when I started.  This made the conditions interesting considering that I was wearing my Virbram Trek Sports for this run.  After settling in to a comfortable pace, my toes and feet got to the point of not really noticing the elements.  
The hardest part of the run was that I decided to run a 1 mile loop through my hometown.  This made the run rather boring and a mental challenge, especially on miles 11-13.  Also, for whatever reasons my calves and feet hurt more during this race then on my last 1/2 marathon 2 weeks ago.  
All in all, I happy with the results of the race since I was able to run a 1:53:24 which is my best time ever for the half marathon distance.  I still have some work to before my next 1/2 at the end of March where I would like to be able to maintain the same pace/splits for the entire race.

1 Down 11 To Go for 2012 1/2 Marathons

Race Medallion

On Saturday-January 28, several friends and I participated in the Planet Adventure Winter Marathon Night race at Eagle Creek Reservoir in Indianapolis.  Completing the 1/2 marathon distance for this event put me on the road to achieve my 2012 goal of running 1/2 marathon every month this year.  In addition, I also achieved my first night race and barefoot 1/2 marathon.  It was fun going out as group to this event and that everyone completed the race.  Kudos to Planet Adventure for putting on an exceptional inaugural race.  I will be back next year.

My time for the race was:

Lap 1         Lap 2          Final
1:12:48.0   1:22:15.1    2:35:03.1

Pictures from the Race

Pre- Race Group Photo

Finishing Picture

Muddy Race Shoes