Friday Favorite Links 3/9/2012

This week’s links focus on IT and few fun ones from GuyKawasaki.

Hello IT Manager: You’re In Politics Now!
Felt this was a fitting link for this week since I just recently took over the management of new teams that have a whole new dynamic.

Tablets Will Take Over Sooner Than You Think: Five Telling Trends
Completely agree with all of these trends and am seeing them daily in the healthcare space.

AMAnet: 15 New Rules For #IT To Live
A great list to keep in your mind in your daily dealings in the IT world.

GuyKawasaki: Tools and apps to help you change your life

GuyKawasaki: The most viral news sources

Friday’s Favorite Links 3/2/2012

This week’s links include healthcare IT and social media, iPhone photos, and running and some advice from Mark Twain.

Should Physicians Use Email to Communicate With Patients?

8% of Hospitals Support “BYOD” – Bring Your Own Device —

Simple solution to keep the iPad sterile in the OR (& other areas)

How a Team of Doctors Uses Social Media to Drive Awareness and Save Lives

A Rheumatologist’s View on Social Media: Interview

Here are 10 apps to help you take better iPhone pictures.

Running in shoes v. running barefoot: Which takes less energy? Results from a new study,

Mark Twain’s 7 Essential Tips to Living an Awesome Life.

Favorite Links 1/20/2012

4 Consumer Technologies That Could Change Your Enterprise

12 effective habits of indispensable IT pros – Page 1 – IT Workplace

12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free

10 Commandments Of A Great Culture

Get into Action: 77 Thoughts on Motivation

Favorite Links for 12/16/2011

There were quite a few good links to pass along for this week.

Favorite Links 12/9/2012

Here’s this week’s favorite links that are from a wide variety of subjects.

Quote of the week.

  • The most successful people see an opportunity in every problem. via@LeadToday

My Favorite Links for 12/2/2011 – An Ode @EricDBrown

For a while now, I have been following Eric Brown via RSS and Twitter (@EricDBrown) for a while now.  One of the things I have always enjoyed from Eric is his weekly publication of links.  Based upon enjoying these links, I have decided to publish my weekly links not only to share but for me to track what I found interesting over time.  Most of these will links will be technical in subject but every once in a while there will be an odd-ball or running related link.

So here’s the first week’s links.

  • A strong BYOD policy should be SOP 
  • The President of CIO magazine shares his Top Ten Tech Predictions for 2012  
  • iPads in the enterprise: CEO ego is driving adoption: iPads have taken over the boardroom, and corporate CEOs an…
  • CIO says supporting iPhone and iPad led to 92% reduction in broken devices: After switching to support Apple mo…
  • Google’s latest research digs into how  are used. Interesting takeaway: multitasking is huge  
Odd – Ball of the Week
  • Who new that “calc” was this powerful.  Get the most out of calculator – calculate fuel economy, lease payments, and mortgage payments