Enterprise IT, Exchanging BlackBerry’s for Free iPhone4? Read this First.

As an IT Manager, the time has come to swap out aging BlackBerry Bolds for a new device.  From a cost perspective, the free iPhone 4 is an attractive option, as it practically eliminates any transition cost.  However, the following must be considered:

When you compare the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5, it’s a different case entirely. The iPhone is two generations behind the iPhone 5. It was released in June 2010. That means the device is using technology that is at least three years old at this point. While this might not matter to tech savvy consumers, I think the processing technology, camera, and other hardware on the iPhone 4 are too old to justify getting yourself locked into another two-year contract.

via cnet.com

Based upon the age of the technology in the phone is it worth paying the $99 for the iPhone 4S.  From my perspective, yes as the person with the phone will have it for 2 years under a new contract.  Guess I will see what happens during the actual refresh and see if folks are willing to pay a little extra.

Enterprise IT, Exchanging BlackBerry’s for Free iPhone4? Read this First.