Costly Proposal for Healthcare IT Groups to be HIPAA Compliant

Since the new HIPAA regulations were released a few weeks ago there have numerous articles on how this will impact healthcare IT support groups.  The excerpt below from an Enterprise Efficiency article is a costly solution to protect medical devices and goes against the trend for the past 5 years of converging all devices onto the corporate wireless infrastructure.  

If you want to protect your organization from the latest vulnerabilities, the best defense is to physically or logically separate weak systems, providing an added layer of security. Fortunately, there are a couple different methods that can be used to proactively protect insecure health systems.

One way around this is to deploy small hardware-based firewalls between these systems and the rest of the network. Many enterprise-class networking companies offer low-cost firewalls that can be deployed in a bridged, or transparent mode. This means that the firewall can be deployed without any reconfiguration or re-addressing being needed. This is especially useful if a medical device regularly moves from one location to another.

via Enterprise Efficiency

Costly Proposal for Healthcare IT Groups to be HIPAA Compliant