Agree with Robert Scoble’s 2103 Tech Trends

Robert Scoble posted the following as the top tech trends for 2103.  Do you agree with what he is seeing in the market?  

  1. The numbers of sensors on us and around us are increasing every day. In particular I’m most excited by the 3D sensors from Leap Motion and Primesense. (The photo here is of the co-founder of Primesense holding up his new 3D sensor – Primesense’s technology is used in the Microsoft Kinect product).
  2. Wearable computing will arrive in a big way this year with Oakley’s AirWave ski goggles with headsup display and Google’s Project Glass, among others. Watches like the Pebble were a big deal at CES.
  3. Social media behavior is continuing to increase exponentially. Twitter will soon have its first billion-tweet day.
  4. Location data is increasing exponentially. Foursquare, Waze, Google and Apple Maps, and Facebook and Google checkins are just some examples of this kind of data.
  5. Lots of new database technology is arriving. Big Data, which became a huge point in 2012, is now much more important in 2013.

Agree with Robert Scoble’s 2103 Tech Trends