Size Does Matter To Physicians When it Comes to Mobile Devices

Navigating apps while walking around in the ED and wards is again unwieldy, and often requires two hands. I know this sounds like a crazy notion, and will no doubt be outlawed in the future by workplace health and safety, but I often find myself carrying one thing in my right hand and reading my phone in the left. In all seriousness, I actually resorted to using my nose to select things on the screen quite often.

It’s difficult to describe how frustrated I was in my first few weeks of using the note 2 due to the screen size and the poor uptake of apps using the available real estate. The size is effectively a double edged sword, on one side it’s wonderful compared to the smaller options out there. However, it really can make it unwieldy in certain scenarios, and every time you load an app that isn’t making use of the sometimes clunky size, it amplifies the frustration.


Size Does Matter To Physicians When it Comes to Mobile Devices